“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” ~Neil Gaiman



the LENS

Behind the Lens

This life is one crazy big roller coaster with twists and turns. I’ve learned it offers many moments of great excitement, joy and bittersweet sadness all rolled up into one. Not to mention it goes way too fast!

As a mom of three high school boys, capturing the time before the kids fly the coup is more than just a job to me, it’s personal. I know how important this moment is in not only their lives, but as parents, ours as well. Not only do I want to capture the joy of these moments, but I’m also on a mission to capture the spirit, interests, aspirations and all that speaks to the people you have watched grow.

Photojournalistic, lifestyle photography sparks the artist inside me because it’s not about fabricating one perfectly posed shot. It is more about capturing a series of photos that tell THE story. We all have our own personal quirks which makes each and every story unique.

So go right ahead and book a session. We’ll spend a spontaneous afternoon chasing light capturing lots of fun and unique perspectives. I can promise two things: I will come home a bit dirty after trudging through whatever I need to in order to get “the shot”, and you will walk away with images that unambiguously capture YOUR story.

Unfortunately I don’t possess any magical powers that can prevent the clock from ticking forward, but I can offer a series of documented images as a steadfast reminder; a culmination of this amazing journey before you begin a new chapter. 

There’s no way to freeze time, but as this image captured of my family having fun in a photo booth reminds me, photos have a way of preserving wonderful memories.