These photos are for ALL 8th grade Orchard Hills Students. Once proofs are released, you will receive a password protected link to view the album without any obligation to purchase digital files or prints.

This short session is meant to capture the personality of your child. I try to set it up to be a comfortable atmosphere where they can relax and have some fun while taking the photos. Some warm up quickly, some do not, but I promise to try my best with each student. 

To ensure that your email address is correct and that you are informed when proofs are released please fill out this form.

Once the album goes live an email with your child’s password will be sent to all registered email addresses. Since there’s lots to keep track digitally these days, each student will also bring home a printed proof card with their password to access the proofs.

To view pricing click here.

A few tidbits about the session: 

  • Photos are taken during P.E.
    Monday, March 19th – Last names beginning with A-H
    Tuesday, March 20th – Last names beginning with I-P
    Wednesday, March 21st – Last names beginning with Q-Z|
    If students are not available on the day listed above please fill out this change day form so I can plan accordingly. There will be NO makeups after Wednesday, March 20th.
  • These will be seated poses. Please keep this in mind when choosing outfits, and make sure the outfits are comfortable while sitting and don’t ride up so that undergarments show.
  • Although students will be sitting down, the entire body will possibly show so dress accordingly from head to toe
  • The set is neutral so any and all clothing will work well. Dress them up or down, your choice – or I’ll be honest since I have 3 teenagers myself, really it’s THEIR choice since keeping them happy is the key to great photos 🙂
  • There is no obligation to purchase 
  • NO retakes