First things first…Who are you and why do you fly across the country to take photos of my child? 
Good question! My name is Claire Smith and I used to be a regular face on campus (or at least the booming voice that was heard from one side of campus to the other). God had plans for our family elsewhere, so a year and a half ago we moved across the country to Charlotte, North Carolina.

RHLS holds a special place in my heart because it is where my boys literally grew up. My eldest son, Evan, attended RHLS from TT-8th grade and graduated in 2017 and my twin boys, Ryan and Kyle’s also began RHLS at 3 years old and reluctantly ended their reign in 6th grade when we moved. They would be graduating with this years 8th grade class in the spring. RHLS is where my boys gained confidence, learned how to love God and treat others as they would themselves. All these wonderful aspects yet I failed to also mention the wonderful education that set them up for success in the NC public school system. RHLS truly helped mold them into the almost men that they are today. (excuse me while I sniffle and shed a tear or two) 

Other than the obvious sentimental connection in the fact that the current 8th grade class includes many kids that my boys’ have known since they were babies, it is also the first kindergarten class that I photographed when I began taking RHLS’s portraits ions ago.

Maybe I can get through the next part without tears…Your children, the RHLS student body, truly have become like family. I’ve watched them grow, many from preschool all the way to middle school. Some I met for the first time in September and look forward to next time where taking time to get to know more and more about them in turn yields beautiful, natural smiles.

Please know that your questions are important to me and that RHLS is not just an account that I have to pay the bills, but something that is near and dear.  That being said, we all have God given strengths…creativity is mine, organization is not. 🙂 Thank goodness, I have an amazing assistant, Danalyn Belgen, who resides in the OC and coincidentally is on the RHLS school board and also was once a RHLS parent, so not only is she the left side of my brain, she is personally vested in the school just as much as I am and is happy to help.

If you do not find your answer on this FAQ sheet, please follow this link and submit the inquiry form.  The form is not a way to make this process impersonal or give you limited access to answers, it’s just an easy way for us to manage your questions so that we can answer them thoroughly and in a reasonable time frame.

Our goal is to help you place an order because lets be honest, it’s beneficial for both of us! In a blink of an eye these photos will be more meaningful to you than ever.

~Claire Smith


Um I’m pretty sure that’s NOT my kid in the proofs?
Honest mistake on my part. Each link is all but hand delivered to your home 🙂 What I mean by that is that each student’s link must be sent individually which means a back and forth to the database document with parent emails, a copy, a paste and a send, and although I try my best to be very focussed and send the correct link EVERY time, sometimes I get distracted and accidentally send the link of the child above or below. I almost always catch it immediately after it is sent and resend the correct link, but if I’ve missed it please fill out the password request form and I’ll make sure to get you the correct link asap.

My password is not working…
If the photo in the original email DOES NOT match your child. The password will not work to open the album. Although sent manually, the information within the email is automatically placed so if the photo matches your child in the email the password should work. If you are still having problems please fill out the password request form and I will get you the correct password asap. EACH student has their own password, thus siblings each need their own to access their galleries.

I don’t like any of the photos of my child. Can he/she retake them?
Unfortunately retakes are not offered with the school portrait sessions. As the photographer, I promise I did my best to make every child smile, show teeth, relax their shoulders, open eyes, chin up, chin down…you name it, I directed. Sometimes even the best efforts can come up short and I am probably just as disappointed as you when I’m not able to reveal a smile.

Concerns such as…
Why is my child’s hair literally flying away?
Why does my child look like he/she spent the morning wrestling with a paint brush?
Did my child get anything in his/her mouth at lunch?
We do our best to fix hair that has escaped its elastic barriers after an upside-down dip on the monkey bars, or hide paint blobs from the morning activity as Van Gogh, and wipe up the sticky tar mass that fell right onto the new bright white shirt at lunch when mom’s deliciously overloaded PB&J decided to jump ship, but sometimes the impossible (which is what I would describe keeping a child’s appearance flawless in a day filled with fun activities) is just not possible.

Luckily all hope is not lost…options for retouching those pesky little school day catastrophes will make your child’s appearance as though after they exited your car, he/she sat still at their desk, attentive to their teacher, studying and reading until the moment they sat in front of me and said cheese. You can find retouch options in the pricing menu and only need to pay for retouch once for each image purchased, NOT for each print ordered.

Did you receive my order?
After your order is processed you will be sent an immediate confirmation to the email address provided on the order form. If you do not receive the confirmation there is a possibility that you keyed in the email address incorrectly, or the order did not go through. Please fill out this form and submit your question and we will let you know if the order did in fact go through.

I placed an order but never received a link to download the images.
This link is fulfilled by Shootproof, the online ordering provider as an automatic response to the order that is processed. Typically the reason behind this issue is that an accidental error occurred as you entered your email address, thus the information the email that was sent automatically to the bounced back to the server. We can check this for you.Please fill out this form and we will correct the email address and get the link sent over within 24 hours. 

I received the link to download my child’s photos and the images have not been retouched. 
This link is fulfilled by Shootproof, the online ordering provider as an automatic response to the order that is processed. Clients that purchase touch up will be sent the images through the automated response, and then will be contacted by our studio in early November with a new link with access to the retouched photos.  

Where will the photos ship and when will I receive them?
You are given the option in the checkout process to choose ship to school or ship to home. If you prefer the insurance that the prints come directly to your home unharmed, please choose the ship to home option which is a $10 fee.

If you choose the ship to school, the school office is tremendous at providing a generous window of time to pick up your package in the office before they are given to students to bring home. If you do not pick up the photos in the office or have them mailed home, we can not guarantee that they will come to you unscathed. The envelopes provided are sturdy, but I have three boys and know that nothing is sturdy enough to keep them from damaging it with the way they haphazardly throw their backpack in the entryway when they return home from school 🙂